Sample Concepts-Jobs

These represent a non-comprehensive list of concepts based on professions to help people get started. The suggestion motivations could show up as aspects, skills, rp quirks, or not at all.

Note Asyncs are a special case, and I’m not sure I want to use them at all yet…

While others have to wait for months or years to get even a whiff of a Pandora Gate or one of the rare artifacts retrieved by gatecrashers, you’ve walked on alien worlds and maybe even held alien technology in your own hands.
Suggested Motivations: +Alien Contact, +Education, +Exploration, +Survival

You have what it takes to deal with people and make them think they’re getting what they want while you have them
wrapped around your finger.
Suggested Motivations: +Fame, +Hedonism, +Personal Career, +Thrill Seeking

You’re a biohacker. You meddle with genetics and biotechnology to see what you can create, to improve life and help overcome biological flaws, or simply to keep your biological future in your own hands.
Suggested Motivations: +Artistic Expression, +Morphological Freedom, +Research, +Science!, +Uplift Rights

Processes on the mesh heed your beck and call, whether you seek to penetrate systems or protect them.
Suggested Motivations: +Fame, +Open Source, +Owning Systems, +Thrill Seeking, –Hackers

You are an artist, x-caster, socialite, or other person who has attracted a fan base.
Suggested Motivations: +Art, +Fame, +Hedonism, +Personal Career, +Thrill Seeking

Your sleuthing skills include old-school detective work and modern data retrieval. You might be a private investigator, a police detective, or an insurance claim agent.
Suggested Motivations: +Self Reliance, +The Hunt

You are a walking recorder, seeking out the news and broadcasting what you find to the mesh.
Suggested Motivations: +Sousveillance, +Transparency, –Censorship

You are a biotech specialist.
Suggested Motivations: +Helping Others, –Violence

Traveling wasn’t something you did because you wanted to see new places and people. More often than not, you needed to skip out of a habitat to avoid arrest. Soon enough, your talent at evading authorities was parlayed into a more profitable career “liberating” cargo from automated haulers and finding the best place to sell the goods.
Suggested Motivations: +Survival, +Thrill Seeking, +Wealth, –Authority

You help people stay sane and/or be whatever they want to be in their mind.
Suggested Motivations: +Helping Others, +Neurodiversity, –Madness

Your infection gives you mental abilities beyond the reach of other transhumans.
Suggested Motivations: +Introspection, +Neurodiversity, +Personal Development, +Self Control

Your mind is altered in a way that provides you with preternatural senses.
Suggested Motivations: +Exploration, +Neurodiversity, +Personal Development, +Self Control

You served as a soldier for a pre-Fall nation-state, hypercorp, or habitat polity, or you worked as a mercenary-for-hire—or you simply were forced to take up arms as a conflict erupted around you.
Suggested Motivations: +Duty, +Personal Development, +Survival, +Victory, –Peace

You are a covert agent, skilled at infiltrating the opposition to ferret out secrets or further your own agenda.
Suggested Motivations: +Secret Identity, –Secrets

You are the person who keeps the machines running—or knows how to shut them down.
Suggested Motivations: +DIY, +Education, +Science!, +Sousveillance, +Technoprogressivism

You survive by stealing from others, whether by picking pockets or breaking and entering.
Suggested Motivations: +Wealth

You are optimized for killing machines. You either excelled at fighting TITAN constructs during the Fall or you continue to hunt them down in the aftermath.
Suggested Motivations: +Explosions, +Survival, –TITANs

Sample Concepts-Jobs

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